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  • Policy Engagement

    We facilitate the linkage between researchers, policy makers and citizenry so they can explore their common interests so as to improve public policy through making the most of academic evidence, expertise, and ....

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  • Business registration

    We are ardent experts who help our clients diligently and transparently in setting up (registration of ) their liability limited companies (LLC) in Tanzania, as well as in registration of partnership companies.

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  • Research

    We offer all socio-economic research services right from research ideation to preparation of research methodologies, recruitment and training of data enumerators, preparation of logistics and coordination of field data collection, data analytics

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  • Evaluations

    We offer world-class consultancy services on policy and program evaluations right from baseline, midline (mid-term), and end-line (end-term) evaluations and mapping assignments using widely recognized indicators ...

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  • Advisory

    We offer state of the art professional advice to our clients after we have examined their development and business challenges or issues or topic in terms of data and information analysis, and scanning the environment around the challenges or issues or top

  • Training

    We offer tailored and conventional training courses across a different professional areas including Applied Development Economics such as Policy Impact Analysis, Applied Econometric Modelling, Applied Computable General Equilibrium Modelling, Measuring...

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  • Analytics

    We provide systematic computational analysis of data to our clients in order to support them in description, discovery, prediction, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data so they can apply the insights towards effective ....

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Policy Engagement and Governance

RENANA AFRICA LTD defines policy engagement as the ways in which policy researchers and policy advocates connect with policy makers and explore common interests at various stages in their respective research, policy advocacy and policy making processes..

Private Sector Development

RENANA AFRICA LTD understands Private Sector Development (PSD) as the range of strategies that aim at establishing markets that function vibrantly, fairly, and provide quality economic opportunities to poor people at a scale...

Research, Innovation and Data Science

RENANA AFRICA LTD offers a full range of research services right from research ideation to preparation of research designs, recruitment and training of data enumerators, preparation of logistics and coordination of field data collection, data analytics and modelling, preparation of top-notch study reports, validation

Monitoring and Results Measurement

RENANA AFRICA LTD supports its clients through designing, setting up, and operationalizing monitoring and evaluation systems / plans, developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks, automated decision support systems, dashboards, capacity enhancement, and conducting baseline, midline and end-line evaluation studies..

Capacity and Knowledge Development

RENANA AFRICA LTD offers a range of capacity building services using different approaches such as training, mentoring, coaching, and providing space for internships and volunteerism. RENANA AFRICA LTD provides tailor-made training sessions and specialized professional courses for in-college/ university students, junior and senior professional staff, Training of Trainers, and other members of communities in all areas of its operation.

Infrastructure and Engineering Services

RENANA AFRICA LTD provides its clients with energy infrastructure and engineering service they need for a successful project of any size in WASH and Energy sectors. RENANA Africa Ltd specialties include site development, feasibility studies, design of structures & infrastructures, constructability assessments, life cycle analysis, design & renovation of works, inspection and monitoring programs, as well as the planning of capital needs.

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